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Month: January 2017

Dark green book cover with embossed gold design depicting an earth-like planet quartered by hemispheric disks. Surrounding the planet and its cross-sections are small golden roman numerals similar to a clock face.

Art Contest: Ulysses Recovered Book Cover Contest

Ulysses Recovered To celebrate Bloomsday 2017, the James Joyce Quarterly, Booksmart Tulsa, and the Guthrie Green are sponsoring a contest to design a new cover for Joyce’s Ulysses.  We welcome entries in all languages and encourage experimentation with media, typography,... MORE

Black and white photo of a man and a woman stand in the threshold of a building, with the street in the background. On the left is a woman, Sylvia Beach, facing partly away from the viewer and looking towards the man, James Joyce, on the right. James Joyce, on the right, is turned towards Beach and partly to the viewer and is looking directly into the camera.

Clever, Very: Joshua Kotin

For our latest “Clever, Very” interview, Joshua Kotin at Princeton University talked to us about the Mapping Expatriate Paris: The Shakespeare and Company Lending Library Project (MEP) project. The MEP, which we previously described in one of our blog posts,... MORE

A white silhouette of a man wearing jacket and hat in front of a sepiatone painting of a river with an official building in the background. End image description.

Digital Portrait

We recently discovered that University College Dublin has released a digital multimedia edition of Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.  This version of Portrait is broken up into chapters and provides mobile-friendly text as well as some very brief videos... MORE

How To Subscribe to the JJQ

Prices for James Joyce Quarterly vary based on whether the subscriber is an individual or an institution or whether shipment is to an address in the US or abroad. We also provide a slight discount for agents who are purchasing a... MORE

Volume 52.1

Perspectives Clive Hart (1931-2016) Fritz Senn “Obstructing the thoroughfare”: A Report on the Dublin James Joyce Summer School, 3-9 July 2016 Niels Caul “Real Adventures Must Be Sought Abroad”: Swedish Students Encounter Dublin and the Dubliners Angelica Granqvist Articles Milly... MORE