June 2017

Announcement: Ulysses Recovered Book Cover Contest Winners

For the last several months, the James Joyce Quarterly, Booksmart Tulsa, and the Guthrie Green have been holding the Ulysses Recovered Book Cover contest, in which we invited artists to design new covers for the book we celebrate each year on Bloomsday.

We are proud to kick off Bloomsday by announcing our two winners!  Both winners will have their selected submissions shown in a public exhibition as part of Tulsa’s Bloomsday celebration; additionally, they’ll receive a cash prize have their works featured as covers of forthcoming issues of the James Joyce Quarterly.

1st Prize:  Heather Ryan Kelley

At the top of the image, rectangular swatches of blue watercolor form a background behind the word Ulysses in white text. Below is a pastel colored pot with an ornate logo for G. W. Plumtree Home Potted Meats, above which floats overlapping lines of random letters that appear to come from a typewriter. Below the pot are the words James Joyce in front of green and brown watercolor squares.
1st Place submission by Heather Ryan Kelley

Our first prize winner is Heather Ryan Kelley, whose cover features G. W. Plumtree’s Home Potted Meats, a product that is mentioned several times throughout Ulysses.

2nd Place:  Antje Hubold

On a black backround, the word Ulysses is arranged in white letters so that it mimics a man's face that is reminiscent to a mustachioed James Joyce. The face is tilted so that the eyes are touching the top right corner and the chin takes up the bottom left corner. End image description
2nd Place submission by Antje Hubold

Our second place prize goes to Antje Hubold, who has made a topographic portrait of James Joyce using the novel’s title.

A hearty congratulations to both of our winners!