Volume 40, Number 4





Book Reviews



Raising the Wind
Sean Latham, Editor



"Know me come eat with me": The Eighth Annual Trieste Joyce School, 27 June-3 July 2004
Maria Kager

James Joyce Studies in Dubrovnik, 21 June-2 July 2004
Tihana Klepac



Coming of Age in the Age of Empire: Joyce's Modernist Bildungsroman
Gregory Castle

The Simple Case of Adultery
Barbara Leckie

"Are you to have all the pleasure quizzing on me?": Finnegans Wake and Literary Cognition
Tim Conley

"Green eyes, I see you. Fang, I feel": Absinthe as Modernist Signifier in Ulysses
David M. Earle

Experiencing Technical Difficulties: A Reader's Negotiation with the Compositional Method of Ulysses, Episode 12
Ryan K. Guth

"Bleibtreustrasse 34, Berlin, W. 15." (U 4.199), 4.199), Once Again
Wolfgang Wicht

The Necropolitan Journey: Dante's Negative Poetics in James Joyce's "The Dead"
Gian Balsamo

William S. Brockman



Those Seductive Saurians
John Gordon


Sweets of Sin
A Gentleman of Fashion

"Samward Ho!"
Simon Loekle



Joyce and the Joyceans, edited by Morton P. Levitt
Joseph Kelly

Joyce, Dante, and the Poetics of Literary Relations: Language and Meaning in "Finnegans Wake," by Lucia Boldrini
Stephen Sicari

How James Joyce Made His Name: A Reading of the Final Lacan, by Roberto Harari
Sheldon Brivic

The House on Eccles Road, by Judith Kitchen
R. Brandon Kershner

Deficits and Desires: Economics and Sexuality in Twentieth-Century Literature, by Michael Tratner
Richard Brown

"Ulysses"-En-Gendered Perspectives: Eighteen New Essays on the Episodes, edited by Kimberly J. Devlin and Marilyn Reizbaum
Suzette A. Henke

European Joyce Studies 9: Genitricksling Joyce, edited by Sam Slote and Wim Van Mierlo
Claude Jacquet

James Joyce: A Short Introduction, by Michael Seidel
Michael Hennessy

Reading on the Edge: Exiles, Modernities, and Cultural Transformation in Proust, Joyce, and Baldwin, by Cyraina E. Johnson-Roullier
Enda Duffy

James Joyce: The Study of Languages, edited by Dirk Van Hulle
Patrick A. McCarthy

James Joyce: The "Finnegans Wake" Notebooks at Buffalo, Volumes VI.B.25, VI.B.6, VI.B.14, edited by Vincent Deane, Daniel Ferrer, and Geert Lernout
Susan Shaw Sailer

Stage Fright: Modernism, Anti-Theatricality, and Drama, by Martin Puchner
John McCourt

The "Ulysses" Guide: Tours Through Joyce's Dublin, by Robert Nicholson
Oona Frawley

The Virtual Marshall McLuhan, by Donald Theall
Alyssa J. O'Brien

Calico, a play by Michael Hastings
Arnold Goldman

Edmund L. Epstein




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