Volume 41, Numbers 1 and 2




Book Reviews



Raising the Wind
Sean Latham, Editor



"an apogean humanity of beings created in varying forms": The 2004 Conference on James Joyce and the Humanities, Seoul, South Korea, November 2004
Ellen Carol Jones

In the Heart of the Helvetian Metropolis: The 2004 Zurich James Joyce Foundation August Workshop
Conor Wyer



Section I: "The Industry"

James Joyce's Sentimentality
Clive Hart, introduction by Robert Scholes

The Issue of Translation
David Pierce

Translations: Polish Joycean Features in the James Joyce Quarterly-A Selective Retrospective
Jolanta Wawrzycka

From Translation Issues to Metaphors of Translation
Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli

Karen Lawrence

The "James Joyce Checklist": A Portrait of the Industry
William S. Brockman

Section II: "In the Works"

Stephen Dedalus's Fantasies of Reality: A Žižekian View
Sheldon Brivic

Updating Ulysses: Joseph Strick's 1967 Film
Margot Norris

Ulysses and Victorian Battle Art
Joseph A. Kestner

The Church as Industry
Roy Gottfried

Mummery, Murmuring Memory, Mum: Buck Mulligan as Resurrector in Ulysses
Denise Tanyol

Section III: "Re-Toolings"

Close Encounters
Karen Lawrence

Knock, Knock, Knocking at Joyce's Door
Tim Conley

Dots Mark the Spot: Textual Gaps in Dubliners
David G. Wright

Ulysses and the Kingdom of Shadows
Thomas Jackson Rice

The Great Expectations of Stephen Dedalus
Mark Osteen

Joyce, Vico, and National Narrative
Paul Robichaud

William S. Brockman



Sweets of Sin
A Gentleman of Fashion

Simon Loekle



Lucia Joyce: To Dance in the "Wake," by Carol Loeb Shloss
John McCourt

Joyces Mistakes: Problems of Intention, Irony, and Interpretation, by Tim Conley
Jean-Michel Rabaté

Joyce and the Scene of Modernity, by David Spurr
Garry Leonard

Joyce's Audiences, European Joyce Studies 14, edited by John Nash
Paul K. Saint-Amour

Joyce and the Early Freudians: A Synchronic Dialogue of Texts, by Jean Kimball
Jolanta W. Wawrzycka

Joyce's "Ulysses" as National Epic: Epic Mimesis and the Political History of the Nation State, by Andras Ungar
Tom Sheehan

Night Joyce of a Thousand Tiers: Studies in "Finnegans Wake," by Petr Škrabánek, edited by Louis Armand and Ondrej Pilný
Wim Van Mierlo

James Joyce and the Difference of Language, edited by Laurent Milesi
John Paul Riquelme

Joyce and the City: The Significance Of Place, edited by Michael Begnal
David Spurr

Joyce Studies Annual 2002, edited by Thomas F. Staley
David M. Earle

Joyce Studies in Italy 8: Romantic Joyce, edited by Franca Ruggieri
Corinna del Greco Lobner

Anglo-Irish Modernism and the Maternal: From Yeats to Joyce, by Diane Stubbings
Christine van Boheemen-Saaf

Rite of Passage in the Narratives of Dante and Joyce, by Jennifer Margaret Fraser
Gian Balsamo

Literary Translation: Quest for Artistic Integrity, by Jin Di
Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli

Culture, 1922: The Emergence of a Concept, by Marc Manganaro
William Mottolese

The Senses of Modernism: Technology, Perception, and Aesthetics, by Sara Danius
Donald F. Theall

Fritz Senn



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