Volume 41, Number 3





Book Reviews



Raising the Wind
Sean Latham, Editor



“Return to Ithaca”: A Report on the 2005 North American Joyce Conference, Cornell University, 14-18 June 2005
David G. Wright

The 2005 North American James Joyce Conference, Cornell University, 14-18 June 2005: A Return to Ithaca
Jeff Drouin

“the grandest gloriaspanquost universal howldmoutherhibbert lectures”: A Report on the Ninth Annual Trieste Joyce Summer School
Eli Z. Lassman



Who “Curls Up” with Ulysses? A Study of Non-Conscripted Readers of Joyce
Frances Devlin-Glass

Joyce, Irish Paralysis, and Cultural Nationalist Anticlericalism
Douglas Kanter

Secrets of Szombathely: The H.E.L.Y.’S Sandwichmen and Irish Citizenship
Barry McCrea

Foreign Music: Linguistic Estrangement in “Proteus” and “Sirens”
Juliette Taylor

“How Do You Sniff?”: Havelock Ellis and Olfactory Representation in “Nausicaa”
Hugh Davis

“Dividends and Divisors Ever Diminishing”: Joyce’s Use of Mathematics in “Ithaca”
Michael Livingston

How a Great Daily Organ Is Turned Out: “Aeolus,” Techne, and the Recording of Ulysses
Eric D. Smith

Justice for the “Illstarred Punster”: Samuel Beckett and Alfred Péron’s Revisions of “Anna Lyvia Pluraself”
Megan M. Quigley

William S. Brockman



Confessions of a Wakefiend: Bibliomantic Readings in Finnegans Wake
John A. Snyder

Notes for Ulysses
Ian MacArthur


Who Am I?
Thomas E. Stazyk

“Doctoring Joyce!”
Simon Loekle



Suspicious Readings of Joyce’s “Dubliners,” by Margot Norris
Derek Attridge

Dubliners’ Dozen: The Games Narrators Play, by Gerald Doherty
Jim LeBlanc

James Joyce and Victims: Reading the Logic of Exclusion, by Sean Murphy
Marian Eide

James Joyce, by Jörg W. Rademacher, with illustrations by Stephan Frede
Wolfgang Wicht

Knowledge of Things Human and Divine: Vico’s “New Science” and “Finnegans Wake,” by Donald Phillip Verene
Anne L. Cavender

Technē: James Joyce, Hypertext, and Technology, by Louis Armand
Donald F. Theall

The Idea of a Nation, by Arthur Clery, edited by Patrick Maume
Cóilín Owens

The Real Trial of Oscar Wilde: The First Uncensored Transcript of the Trial of Oscar Wilde vs. John Douglas (Marquess of Queensbury), 1895
, by Merlin Holland
Jonathan E. Goldman

Am I a Snob? Modernism and the Novel, by Sean Latham
Ann Ardis

The Aesthetics of Chaos: Nonlinear Thinking and Contemporary Literary Criticism, by Michael Patrick Gillespie
Frank C. Manista

Memory in Literature: From Rousseau to Neuroscience, by Suzanne Nalbantian
Stephen J. Burn

Inauthentic: The Anxiety Over Culture and Identity, by Vincent Cheng
Neil R. Davison

Encyclopedia of Literary Modernism, edited by Paul Poplawski
Thomas M. Catania

Bloemsdag, by Erik Bindervoet and Robbert-Jan Henkes,
Bloomsday. Gids Door Dublin en “Ulysses” van James Joyce, by Kees Tamboer
Jack van der Weide



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