Book Review Editor Announcement - James Joyce Quarterly

Book Review Editor Announcement

We’re delighted to announce that Layne Farmen has moved into the Book Review Editor position at the James Joyce Quarterly. Layne is a PhD student at the University of Tulsa and is currently writing a dissertation on Modernism and Adaptation. He has delivered conference papers on the work of James Joyce; the cinema of Richard Linklater, Barry Jenkins, and Terrence Malick; and the music of Bob Dylan, and Ms. Lauryn Hill. He has also incorporated all of this into an interdisciplinary approach in his own teaching at the University of South Florida, and the University of Tulsa. He was honored last Summer to take part in the 2021 Dartmouth Futures of American Studies Institute where he began to put a dissertation abstract together focused on contemporary adaptations of James Joyce, Jean Rhys, and Lynn Riggs.

Going forward, you will see Layne posting pictures of books that we are reviewing on our Facebook page in the interest of generating excitement for new Joyce-related projects, and also collecting a possible pool of reviewer volunteers. The final decisions concerning assigning reviewers rests with the staff at the JJQ, but we have historically had several volunteers end up reviewing texts for the journal. To reach Layne with any inquiries, feel free to send an e-mail to