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Call for Papers: XXVIII International James Joyce Symposium

The XXVIII International James Joyce Symposium is interested in contributions examining the long reception and posterity of Ulysses, Joyce’s influence on writers and artists (including creative contributions in various forms and mediums), and the history of a hundred years of Joyce criticism. The century of Ulysses has coincided with a wide range of innovative critical approaches and methods, not a few of them inspired by and nearly all of them brought to bear upon Joyce’s novel.  So all are welcome to the symposium. Papers do not have to focus on Ulysses and reflections on Joyce’s other works, Joycean connections, and Joycean birthdays and anniversaries are more than welcome too.

The symposium invites proposals for individual papers and fully-formed panels. Participants are limited to one paper and one non-paper panel appearance (e.g. as panel chair or respondent). Please keep in mind that all participants must be members in good standing of the International James Joyce Foundation: non-members or members whose registration has lapsed will not be scheduled.

To propose an individual paper, please submit a 250-word abstract that includes the speaker’s name and academic affiliation (if applicable) alongside the paper title. To propose a panel, the panel chair should submit a 500-word abstract for the panel as a whole that includes the namesacademic affiliations, and email addresses of all participants; the title of the panel as well as the titles of each individual paper; and the name and affiliation of the panel chair and respondent (if any). Please note that panels should have a maximum of four speakers. The panel chair may also give a paper – but please note that in this case it is customary for the panel chair to be scheduled last. As with the individual papers, please also note any date restrictions for individual panelists.

The deadline for paper or panel proposals is 2 February 2022. Proposals should be sent (as attachments: doc, docx, or pdf) to

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