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86th Anniversary of the Woolsey Ruling

December 6 marks the anniversary of one of the most influential rulings for both First Amendment activists and Joyceans alike. On this day in 1933, Judge John Munro Woolsey of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New... MORE

Issue 56.1-2: “Anniversary Joyce”

PERSPECTIVES “every ephemeral anniversary”: “Finnegans Wake at 80″ Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, 11-13 April 2019Cleo Hanaway-Oakley Dublin Celebrates the Wake’s 80th Birthday: “Finnegans Wake at 80”; “Lucia Joyce: Perspectives”; “Text/Sound/Performance: Making in CanadianSpace”; and “Finnegans Wake-End,” 11-13 April, 25-27... MORE

Black-and-white image of a woman with short brown hair.

In Memoriam: Brenda Maddox

We at the James Joyce Quarterly were saddened to learn of Brenda Maddox’s passing last Bloomsday, June 16, 2019, at the age of 87. Brenda Maddox was an American author and journalist who won wide critical acclaim for her biographies... MORE

Interview with Professor Mikio Fuse

As Bloomsday approaches, we are delighted to publish this interview which Scarlett Baron (University College London) conducted with Mikio Fuse (University of Sacred Heart, Tokyo) about his Finnegans Wake Genetic Research Archive. It’s a useful reminder of the broad, global... MORE

Bloomsday Festival 2019

The James Joyce Centre, in Dublin, has announced the schedule for their 2019 Bloomsday Festival. It will feature a wide array of events and speakers on a range of topics including multiple walking tours, a “Ulysses Haiku Project,” a discussion... MORE

Pen and marker drawing depicting the Irish writer James Joyce in a hat, glasses, and a red jacket with headphones around his neck. Joyce is looking at a laptop that faces away from the reader. In the background a several posters of musicians are taped to a yellow wall.

Finnegans Wake at 80 in Dublin

Finnegans Wake, the book that has baffled and delighted readers since 1939, turns eighty this year. To celebrate this monumental publication anniversary, there are multiple events scheduled in Dublin this spring, which explore the book through a variety of academic,... MORE

Clever, Very: Nuala O’Connor

Recently, Nuala O’Connor won The JJQ’s fiction contest, which asked participants to submit their own version of the short story titled “Ulysses” that Joyce briefly considered adding to Dubliners.  Her prize-winning entry appears in JJQ 55.1-2. As part of our... MORE

Issue 55.1-2

PERSPECTIVES “It darkles, (tinct, tint) all this our funnaminal world”: The Zurich James Joyce Foundation Workshop, 5-12 August 2018 Mikaela Kelley ARTICLES Introduction to “Encyclopedia Joyce”: On Being Very Big James Blackwell Phelan and Kiron Ward Ulysses, Annotation, and the... MORE

Reading Ulysses in High School—For Fun!

Imagine a bunch of high school students staying after school in order to dig into Joyce’s Ulysses.  Although it sounds ambitious, that is exactly what a group of students are doing. Dylan Emerick-Brown is an English teacher at Deltona HS in... MORE

JJQ Anti-Harassment Statement

29 November 2018 On November 8, the James Joyce Quarterly received an open letter that alleged instances of sexual harassment and misconduct at numerous Joyce-related events sponsored by the International James Joyce Foundation and other such organizations.  The letter was... MORE