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Issue posts catalog the publications of the James Joyce Quarterly, as well as the title of each of the issue’s contents.

Issue 59.1

ARTICLES The Space Between Fiction and Reality: Uncovering the Real Lizzie Twigg Read More

Issue 58.1-2

PERSPECTIVES Zerothruster: A Report on the 2019 Zurich James Joyce Foundation Workshop, Read More

Issue 57.3-4

PERSPECTIVES Smoking with John:John Bishop (1948-2020), Guide, Philosopher, and Friend Jonathan Goldman Read More

Issue 57.1-2

Raising the Wind Sean Latham PERSPECTIVES Memories of a Magical Bookshop–A Review Read More
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Issue 56.3-4

PERSPECTIVES “Ulysses in the South”: II (Molly) Bloomsday Celebration in Niterói, Brazil, Read More

Issue 55.1-2

PERSPECTIVES “It darkles, (tinct, tint) all this our funnaminal world”: The Zurich Read More
A scan of four playing cards from a Ulysses Themed deck. The cards are black ink illustrations on top of a rainbow that stretches from the bottom left of each card to the top right. On the top left card is the 10 of spades with a bare-chested woman with waves wrapping around her with the caption "yes". On the top right is the Jack of diamonds, with a child-like Satan sitting on a egg-like orb. On the bottom left is the 4 of diamonds, featuring a crucified Jesus wearing a bowler hat and with a long thin fish covering his abdomen at an angle; the caption reads" INRI-IHS I have suffered iron nails ran in". The final card on the bottom right is the queen of spades, representing Anne Hathaway with her head peeking out from the Globe theater stage. End image description.

Issue 54.1-2

PERSPECTIVES The Curse of a Title: bloominauschwitz (or, What’s Leopold Bloom Got Read More

Issue 53.3-4

PERSPECTIVES Interview with Simon O’Connor, Director of the Ulysses Center “A Postcard Read More