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Issue 53.3-4

PERSPECTIVES Interview with Simon O’Connor, Director of the Ulysses Center “A Postcard Read More

Volume 53.1-2

PERSPECTIVES “Forging New Paths”: A Report on “Irish Modernisms: Gaps, Conjectures, Possibilities,” Read More

Volume 52.2

PERSPECTIVES Robert Scholes (1929-2016) Sean Latham “From Genesis to Revelations”: The 2016 Read More

Volume 52.1

Perspectives Clive Hart (1931-2016) Fritz Senn “Obstructing the thoroughfare”: A Report on Read More
A black and white etching that shows a woman in a dress at the top of stairs in the upper right corner. Her body faces the viewer with her head looking to the left. At the bottom of the stairs in the rear view of a man in a black top hat looking up at her. We can only see the back of his head.

Volume 51.4

Raising the Wind Sean Latham Perspectives The 37th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Read More