Announcement: Open Access via Project MUSE, JJQ COVID-19 Response

Dear JJQ Readers,

As been the case for everyone, life at the James Joyce Quarterly has been slightly scrambled over the last few weeks as we have followed the social distancing policy put in place at the University of Tulsa. This means that we’ve shifted all our work out of the central office, and we’re learning how to work and collaborate remotely in order to keep our production schedule on track.

We now have almost all of our systems running and are hard at work on a special double issue, titled The Art of James Joyce, which grew out of the papers generated for the Antwerp symposium in 2018. The journal is also receiving submissions and we expect to be able to render decisions in a timely manner over the coming weeks.

I’m happy to announce that with the cooperation of Project MUSE, you’ll now be able to access current and back issues of JJQ for free through the early part of June. We hope this will make things easier for all those struggling to teach, learn, and do research in these trying circumstances.

You can also expect to see more digital content from the journal over the coming weeks as we work to take advantage of our web platform and try to serve as a point of connection for all those around the world who might be looking to Joyce for comfort, pleasure, or simply to pass this time in quarantine. We’re working now to develop interviews, teaching resources, and short videos. Keep an eye on our site and let us know what you’d like to see.

I want to close by saying the JJQ is produced through the tireless effort of Carol Kealiher and a hard-working group of five graduate assistants. They too are just beginning to work and learn at home while also racing to master the new technologies that will keep the journal going. Especially now, I want to acknowledge their efforts and thank them for the crucial role they play in sustaining the global Joyce community.

Please take care of our yourselves, your loved ones, and your communities. And, as always, feel free to reach out to us.


Sean Latham

JJQ Editor