Issue 56.1-2: "Anniversary Joyce" - James Joyce Quarterly
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Issue 56.1-2: “Anniversary Joyce”


“every ephemeral anniversary”: “Finnegans Wake at 80″ Trinity College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland, 11-13 April 2019
Cleo Hanaway-Oakley

Dublin Celebrates the Wake’s 80th Birthday: “Finnegans Wake at 80”; “Lucia Joyce: Perspectives”; “Text/Sound/Performance: Making in Canadian
Space”; and “Finnegans Wake-End,” 11-13 April, 25-27 April, and 3-5 May 2019
Derek Pyle

“Joyce Without Borders”: A Report on the North American James Joyce Symposium, Mexico City, Mexico, 12-16 June 2019
Tiffany L. Fajardo

“A Pineapple Revolution”: The North American James Joyce Symposium
“Joyce Without Borders,” Mexico City, Mexico, 12-16 June 2019
Layne Farmen and Emma-Louise Silva


Anniversary Joyce: Introduction
Wim Van Mierlo

Sots, Songs, and Stereotypes: 1916, the Fighting Irish, and Irish-American
Nationalism in Finnegans Wake
Brian Fox

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Toneite
So Onose

Queensberry Rules and Jacob’s Biscuits: James Joyce’s Easter Rising
Greg Winston

Reading Alternative Irelands Through Joyce’s Ulysses in the 1920s
John McCourt  

T. S. Eliot’s Views on James Joyce: The Harvard Teaching Notes
John Nash  

Ulysses in Beunosayres: Leopoldo Marechal’s Encyclopedia Argentina Norman Cheadle  

The Riddle of the Brocken Spectre: Reading Finnegans Wake on the Top
of Croagh Patrick
Katherine O’Callaghan


William S. Brockman


Penelope Says Robert Berry


Modernism and the Law, by Robert Spoo
Katherine Ebury  

The Real People of Joyce’s “Ulysses”: A Biographical Guide, by Vivien Igoe
Terence Killeen  

“Pomes Penyeach”: Pomi un Penny L’Uno/ Poesie una Pena L’Una, edited and
translated by Francesca Romana Paci
Annalisa Federici  

James Joyce and the Philosophers at “Finnegans Wake,” by Donald Phillip Verene
Dieter Fuchs  

Textplicating Iconophones: Articulatory Iconic Action in “Ulysses,” by Nurit Levy
Congrong Dai  

A History of Irish Autobiography, edited by Liam Harte
Emer Nolan  

The Making of Samuel Beckett’s “En Attendant Godot”/”Waiting for Godot,”
edited by Dirk Van Hulle and Pim Verhulst
The Making of Samuel Beckett’s “Fin de Partie”/”Endgame,” edited by Dirk Van Hulle and Shane Waller
Alan W. Friedman

Modernism and Latin America: Transnational Networks of Literary Exchange, by Patricia Novillo-Corvalán
Vanessa Marie Fernández  

Perpetual Carnival: Essays on Film and Literature, by Colin MacCabe
Cleo Hanaway-Oakley  

Typewriters, Bombs, Jellyfish: Essays, by Tom McCarthy
Aaron Jaffe