Issue 58.1-2 - James Joyce Quarterly
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Issue 58.1-2


Zerothruster: A Report on the 2019 Zurich James Joyce Foundation Workshop, 5-11 August 2019
Halila Bayramova


Katherine Ebury and Michelle Witen
“The Sassenach wants his morning rashers”: The Colonial Market and the Commodified Animal in “Telemachus”
Robert Brazeau
Bullockbefriending Bards: The Ambivalent Role of Cattle in the Odyssey and Ulysses
Stephanie Nelson
Hideous Hobgoblins: Monstrous Form in Darwin, Marx, and Joyce
Mark Steven
From Animal Anthropomorphism to Human Animality in Ulysses: Joyce After Cervantes
Annalisa Federici
The Metamorphosis of Stephen Da(e)dalus:The Plesiosaurus and the Slimy Sea
Yoshimi Minamitani
End(s) of the world/world without end: Coming Events and the Twoheaded Octopus of Ulysses
Richard Barlow
“Beard and Bicycle”: The Human, Nonhuman, and Posthuman Bicyclist in Ulysses
James Fraser
The Nonhuman Skin of Finnegans Wake
Paul Fagan


William S. Brockman


Penelope Says
Robert Berry


Joyce and the Jesuits, by Michael Mayo
Michael Patrick Gillespie
Joyce and the Matter of Paris, by Catherine Flynn
Garry Leonard
James Joyce and Cinematicity: Before and After Film, by Keith Williams
Jeffrey Longacre
Science, Technology, and Irish Modernism, edited by Kathryn Conrad, Cóilín Parsons, and Julie McCormick Weng
Mark S. Morrisson
Serial Encounters: “Ulysses” and “The Little Review,” by Clare Hutton
Thomas O’Grady
The Echo is Where, by Peter O’Brien
Kaitlin Thurlow
Saving Lucia, by Anna Vaught
Annika J. Lindskog