Issue 59.3 - James Joyce Quarterly

Issue 59.3


Lucia and Joyce’s “spectral children”: The II Workshop in Progress by Joyce Studies in Brazil
Vitor Alevato do Amaral


Radical Abstraction: Joyce, Mondrian, Hegel, and Badiou
Sheldon Brivic
“[H]e daren’t show his nose with Molly Maguires looking for him to let daylight through him for grabbing the holding of an evicted tenant”: Ulysses, the Cattle Economy, and the unwritten Agrarian Code
Heather Laird
James Joyce, Eugene Stratton, and Spectrality: The Absent Presence of Racial Politics in Ulysses
Ryan Kerr
Deriding the Rising: Joyce, Joyceans, and Political Sacrifice in Ulysses
Sam Porter
The “New Womanly Man” Revisited: Ulysses, Weininger, Parody
Michael Jaeggle
The Wikipedia Popularity of James Joyce
Jacob Blakesley


William S. Brockman


What Do You Call Leopold Bloom with a Potato in His Pocket
Peter Leman


Pedagogic Pound: “What is it the professors don’t know”
Robert Spoo


Exiles, by James Joyce, edited by Keri Walsh
Valérie Bénéjam
James Joyce and the Arts, edited by Emma Louise, Silva, Sam Slote, and Dirk Van Hulle
Richard Brown
Machines for Living: Modernism and Domestic Life, by Victoria Rosner
Václav Paris
James Joyce’s Favourite Songs, by G. Molyneux Palmer, Martyn Hill, Meriel Dickinson, and Peter Dickinson
Scott W. Klein
Music and Sound in the Life and Literature of James Joyce: Joyces Noyces, by Gerry Smyth
Annika J. Lindskog
James Joyce in Kakanien (1904-1915). Mit Erzähl-Theoretischen Analysen des “Ulysses” im Anhang, by Franz Karl Stanzel
Ruth Frehner
Set at Random: The Book That Wouldn’t Lie Down, by Declan Dunne
Mason Whitehorn Powell