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Megan Quigley: COVID Check-In

This is the ninth installment in our COVID Check-Ins series, in which we feature videos by various Joyceans from around the world to update us on how they are handling the COVID pandemic, how their community is responding, and how it has affected their teaching/research.

This entry features Megan Quigley, a professor at Villanova University, who provides us with an update from Cornwall, England. Quigley discusses the book she’s been working on during her sabbatical which focuses on T.S. Eliot, and was inspired by his famous essay on Ulysses. Because she is living in the U.K. while her family handles the pandemic in New York, Quigley says she has been thinking intensely about the idea of living in two places at once. Specifically, she discusses the “Calypso” section of Ulysses in order to trace how Bloom lives and connects with Milly and Rudy in spite of physical absence.