The International James Joyce Foundation

The International James Joyce Foundation was created in 1967 at the First International James Joyce Symposium, held on Bloomsday--June 16--in Dublin. Its purposes are to encourage scholarship, criticism, and study in regard to the life, work, and career of the writer whom many regard as the preeminent figure in modern literature, and to facilitate and coordinate ways in which scholars, critics, teachers, students, and general readers may meet together, correspond with each other, learn from one another, and help each other in achieving a greater appreciation and understanding of his work; these purposes have been carried out with increasing success..

The James Joyce Checklist Online

The James Joyce Checklist Online builds upon the printed lists featured in the James Joyce Quarterly from 1963 to the present. While focusing on the secondary literature, it includes book reviews of critical works, editions of Joyce’s works, musical settings, adaptations, recordings, theatrical adaptations, parodies, and related miscellanea such as accounts of Bloomsday events and obituaries of Joycean critics. Works in several dozen languages are represented. Coverage is comprehensive dating back to 1996 and more selective for older materials. The Checklist includes complete retrospective coverage for most of the journals devoted to Joyce and most of the relevant books and edited collections since the 1920s. The Checklist will be updated periodically with additional citations, links, and corrections.

The James Joyce Centre, Dublin

The James Joyce Centre is dedicated to promoting an understanding of the life and works of James Joyce. In doing so, the Centre strives to be an integral contributor to the network of institutions which celebrate Ireland’s rich cultural heritage. The James Joyce Centre provides the casual visitor, student and scholar alike with a rewarding and memorable experience.

Zurich James Joyce Foundation

The Zurich James Joyce Foundation was established in 1985 with a view to keeping alive the memory and work of James Joyce for the literary world in general, and above all for Zurich, where he spent some important creative years and where he died. Every year since it was established, the Foundation has held an annual workshop, a gathering of diverse experts and scholars as well as promising newcomers from around the world. The Foundation also houses Fritz Senn's collection of Joyceana--probably the most comprehensive of its kind in Europe.

JJQ on facebook®

The journal now has its own Facebook page where users can get updates on the journal, connect with other Joyceans, and add comments to the wall. This is our first step into social media, and we hope eventually to create a chance for readers to respond to essays and notes as the journal is published. This is an open group; anyone is welcome to join, participate, and post images, links, and discussion items.

Joyce Images

Joyce Images is dedicated to illustrating and annotating each of the eighteen episodes of James Joyce's Ulysses using period documents. This digital gallery of diverse historical images, ranging anywhere from illuminated manuscripts and stereoviews to comics, postcards, and photographs, is maintained and curated by Aida Yared, a pediatrician at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. The site is coded by Andrew Badr.

Joyce Studies Annual

An indispensable resource for scholars and students of James Joyce, Joyce Studies Annual gathers essays by foremost scholars and emerging voices in the field.  Formerly published by the University of Texas, the historic journal has been revived at Fordham University, under the editorial oversight of Dr. Phil Sicker and Dr. Moshe Gold.

James Joyce Literary Supplement

The James Joyce Literary Supplement is an international scholarly journal dedicated to reviewing all books about or related to James Joyce and Joyce-related subjects, such as Irish literature and Modernism.  JJLS began publication in May 1987, under the late Bernard Benstock.  Published twice a year, in May and December, JJLS is currently edited by Patrick A. McCarthy; associate editor, Renée Fox; managing editor, Kurt Voss-Hoynes; assistant editor, Barry Devine; and with aid from Cooperating Editors Morris Beja, Michael Patrick Gillespie, and Fritz Senn  (moral support from David Earle). Mountains of credit also go to their production designer, Robert Lowery, of The Irish Literary Supplement, and he who planted the JJLS seed in Berni's head long, long ago.

The Antwerp James Joyce Center

The Antwerp James Joyce Center was founded at the University of Antwerp in 1991, with two main objectives. On the one hand, we are interested in all aspects of the study of Joyce's work, specifically from a genetic point of view, and have established close working relationships with many Joyce centres and individual scholars across the world. On the other hand, closer to home, we try to increase awareness of and generate enthusiasm for Joyce's work in the Dutch-speaking world.

James Joyce Collection @ SUNY-Buffalo

Since its arrival in Buffalo, the Joyce Collection has been the one most actively used by scholars from all over the world. Dozens of books and articles have depended on the authority of manuscript information available only here. The printed portions of the Joyce Collection contain a complete set of first editions, including all issues and states of every book published by Joyce, and a very large number of his magazine appearances. Joyce's private library is housed here, as are many manuscripts, notebooks, and correspondence relating to the 1922 publication of Ulysses. Virtually all the literary criticism in book form about Joyce's work, and thousands of newspaper clippings are also present to facilitate research.

In Good Company: An Exhibition of McFarlin Library's Special Collections

"In Good Company:  James Joyce and Publishers, Readers, Friends. An Exhibition of McFarlin Library's Special Collections" was produced in conjunction with a print catalog in occasion of the North American James Joyce Symposium, The University of Tulsa, and a material exhibit during Summer 2003. This exhibit was curated by Luca Crispi and Stacey Herbert, State University of New York, University at Buffalo with Lori N. Curtis, who was at that time Head of Special Collections at the University of Tulsa. The content of this site will not be re-purposed or re-produced in part or whole without permission of the authors. Adobe Reader is required to view some items in this exhibit.




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