Volume 52.2 - James Joyce Quarterly

Volume 52.2


Robert Scholes (1929-2016)
Sean Latham

“From Genesis to Revelations”: The 2016 Zurich James Joyce Foundation Workshop, 31 July-6 August 2016
Shinjini Chattopadhyay


Introduction: Joycean Avant-Gardes
Catherine Flynn and Richard Brown

“Meddlied Muddlingisms”: The Uncertain Avant-Gardes of Finnegans Wake
Tim Conley

Finnegans Wake’s Radio Montage: Man-Made Static, the Avant-Garde, and Collective Reading
Catherine Flynn

“Circe” and Expressionist Drama
Hsin-yu Hung

Dante, Bruno, Vico, S.Nob: The Wake in Mexico
Jonathan P. Eburne

“Joyce, un pornographe”: Ulysses, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and the Sally Mara Novels of Raymond Queneau
Dennis Duncan

Hoaxville: Reading Perec Reading Joyce
Scarlett Baron




Penelope Says
Robert Berry


Finnegans Wake, by James Joyce, edited by Danis Rose and John O’Hanlon
Tom Staley

Voices on Joyce, edited by Anne Fogarty and Fran O’Rourke
David Pierce

Eco-Joyce: The Environmental Imagination of James Joyce, edited by Robert Brazeau and Derek Gladwin
Maurizia Boscagli

Joyce’s City: History, Politics, and Life in “Dubliners”, by Jack Morgan
David Spurr

Tense Future: Modernism, Total War, Encyclopedic Form, by Paul K. Saint-Amour
Marina MacKay

Modernism: Evolution of an Idea, by Sean Latham and Gayle Rogers
Leah Flack

Tales from “Finnegans Wake,” by Chong-keon Kim
Younghee Kho

James Joyce and the Exilic Imagination, by Michael Patrick Gillespie
Nels Pearson

Traditional Music and Irish Society: Historical Perspectives, by Martin Dowling
Katherine O’Callaghan

Modernists at Odds: Reconsidering Joyce and Lawrence, edited by Matthew J. Kochis and Heather L. Lusty
Alison Lacivita

“The Dead,” 1904: A Production of the Irish Repertory Theatre, based on Joyce’s story as adapted by Paul Muldoon and Jean Hanff Korelitz and directed by Ciarán O’Reilly
Richard J. Gerber


Gilbert Shama