Volume 53.1-2 - James Joyce Quarterly

Volume 53.1-2


“Forging New Paths”: A Report on “Irish Modernisms: Gaps, Conjectures, Possibilities,” University of Vienna, 29 September-1 October 2016
Daniel Curran

“Academic Trekkies”: A Report on “Diasporic Joyce,” The International North American James Joyce Conference, Toronto, Canada, 21-25 June 2017 
Layne M. Farmen

“Shortest Way Home”: A Report on the Dublin James Joyce Summer School, Dublin, Ireland, 2-8 July 2017
Kurt McGee

Regarding the Joyce Word Dictionary 
Natasha R. Chenier and James O’Sullivan


“Deeply and Suddenly Touched”: Homoerotics in James Joyce’s Exiles
Ellen McWhorter

Exiles and the Limits of Egoism
John McGuigan

Death and the Limits of Epiphany: Wordsworth’s Spots of Time and Joyce’s Epiphanies of Death
Sangam MacDuff

Narrative Arrangements in Superposition and the Critique of Nationalism in “Cyclops”
Robert Colson

Closer to Consciousness: Waking as the Žižekian Event in Finnegans Wake
Michael Frazer


William S. Brockman


Invisible Dublin: “The Coin” and “The Vigil”
Beth Sherman


Simply Joyce, by Margot Norris
Morris Beja

Joyce’s Creative Process and the Construction of Characters in Ulysses“: Becoming the Blooms, by Luca Crispi
Michael Groden

“Exiles”: A Critical Edition, edited by A. Nicholas Fargnoli and Michael Patrick Gillespie
Valérie Bénéjam

James Joyce’s “Work in Progess”: Pre-Book Publications of Finnegans Wake” Fragments, by Dirk Van Hulle
Tim Conley

Joycean Legacies, edited by Martha C. Carpentier
Erin Hollis

“Ulysses” Explained: How Homer, Dante, and Shakespeare Inform Joyce’s Modernist Vision, by David Weir
Laura Pelaschiar

Ireland’s Exiled Children: America and the Easter Rising, by Robert Schmuhl 
Claire A. Culleton

James Joyce, Urban Planning, and Irish Modernism: Dublins of the Future, by Liam Lanigan 
Michael Rubenstein