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A hand-colored etching of four people rambling over an Irish bog.  From left to right:  a woman with a white cap and pink dress facing away from the viewer who has fallen down, her basket of turf fallin down.  Second, a man with a white tunic and a blue coat who is wearing no pants.  He has a pitchfork over his shoulder, from which hang yellow pants and a pair of shoes.  Third, a woman runs to keep up with the man, holding onto his white tunic.  She has a red shawl over a blue dress, with the hem of a white under-dress showing.  This woman also balances a basket of potatoes on her head, some of which are falling out.  Lastly, another woman with a red hood and a blue dress with white undergarments showing seems to be stuck in the bog and is holding onto the previous woman's undergarment.

Clever, Very: James Fairhall

“The Irish Bogtrotters” by William Elmes. Image © Trustees of the British Museum As part...

A screenshot showing lines of yellow, magenta, and teal programming text on top of a dark gray background.

JoyceStick: Creating a Virtual Ulysses

With modern technology evolving at a rapid pace, there’s been a lot of interest in...

Berry 51.4 page 1

Raising the Wind 51.4

Transitions: Illustrating the JJQ In the last issue of the James Joyce Quarterly, we bid...