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Sean Latham, Editor


Thomas F. Staley: Alchemist and Time Traveler
Sean Latham
“Almighty Dirt”: A Report on Caliban’s Mirror: The 2022 Wilde and Joyce Symposium, Trinity College Dublin, 5-7 May 2022
James Green
Helping to Complete the Sean and Mary Kelly James Joyce Collection
Richard J. Gerber


James Joyce and the Writing of the Tomb
Craig Buckwald
Returns of “The Dead”: Paul Muldoon’s Adaptations of “The Dead”
Wit Pietrzak
“Form of Forms”: Meter and Sound as Registers of Irish Identity in James Joyce’s Ulysses
Kristen H. Starkowski
The Monsters of Finnegans Wake: James Joyce and the Revelations of Art
Brett Bourbon
“Allspace in a Notshall”: Examining Bygmester HCE’s Cosmopolitan City-Building in “Haveth Childers Everywhere”
Shinjini Chattopadhyay


William S. Brockman


James Henry: The Translator
Brendan Stephen Thompson


Saul Steinberg’s Literary Journeys: Nabokov, Joyce and Others, by Jessica R. Feldman
Geert Lernout
Small World: Ireland, 1798-2018, by Seamus Deane
Luke Gibbons
The Paris Residences of James Joyce, by Martina Nicolls
Conor Fennell
James Joyce in Zurich: A Guide, by Andreas Fischer
Amanda Sigler
Modern Literature and the Death Penalty, 1890-1950, by Katherine Ebury
Ariela Freedman
James Joyce and Education: Schooling and the Social Imaginary in the Modernist Novel, by Len Platt
Victor Luftig
Imagining Ithaca: Nostos and Nostalgia Since the Great War, by Kathleen Riley
Marina Mackay
Modernism and the Idea of the Crows, by Judith Paltin
Michelle McSwiggan Kelly