Issue 53.3-4 - James Joyce Quarterly

Issue 53.3-4


Interview with Simon O’Connor, Director of the Ulysses Center

“A Postcard from Zurich”: A Report on the 2017 Zurich James Joyce Foundation Workshop, Zurich, Switzerland, 30 July – 5 August 2017
Yaeli Greenblat

“Getting Wind of a New Opening”: Joyce in the Digital Age Conference, Columbia University, New York, 1 October 2017
Caleb Derven

“Re-Trans-Work”: A Report on the 2017 Zurich James Joyce Foundation Workshop on Joycean Translation Issues, Zurich, Switzerland, 5-8 October 2017
Flavie Epié


Conan Doyle, James Joyce, and the Completion of Ulysses
Thomas Jackson Rice

The Joycean Record: Listening Patterns and Sound Coteries
Brandon Walsh

Music, Intermediality and Shock in Ulysses
Judith Paltin

Irish-Israelism: Reconsidering the Politics of Race and Belonging in “Cyclops”
Bryan Yazell

The Politics and Poetics of the Museum in Ulysses
John Pedro Schwartz

The Afflatus of Flatus: James Joyce and the Writing of Odor
Crispian Neill


William S. Brockman


Robert Berry

Anna Livia Oysterface Steps
Charlotte Pomerantz


The Joyce Girl, by Annabel Abbs
Erin Hollis

The Value of James Joyce by Margo Norris
Karen R. Lawrence

“A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man”: Digital Multimedia Edition of James Joyce’s 1916 Novel, by James Joyce and University College Dublin
Janine Utell

Joyce.Shakespeare, edited by Laura Pelaschiar
Luke Thurstone

James Joyce and Catholicism: The Apostate’s “Wake,”  by Chrissie Van Mierlo
Sam Slote

The “Ulysses” Trials: Beauty and Truth Meet the Law, by Joseph M. Hassett
Mark McGahon

Joyce’s Dante: Exile, Memory, and Community, by James Robinson
William Franke

James Joyce and Italo Svevo: The Story of a Friendship, by Stanley Price
Erik Schneider

Up to Maughty London: Joyce’s Cultural Capital in the Imperial Metropolis, by Eleni Loukopoulou
Lise Jaillant

“Ulysses” 732: Romanul Romanului, by Mircea Mihăieş
Arleen Ionescu

Violence Without God: Rhetorical Despair of Twentieth-Century Writers,
by Joyce Wexler
Leah Flack

The Pathos of Distance: Aspects of the Moderns, by Jean-Michel Rabaté
Ruben Borg

Written in My Heart: Walks Through James Joyce’s Dublin, by Mark Traynor and Emily Carson
Josh Newman